Why Plant?

Turn over a new leaf this January and embrace a healthier and more sustainable take on our delicious pub food. You’ll see some beautiful new plant based dishes on our menus, using a “Leaf to root” philosophy to showcase the best seasonal veg that Britain has to offer.

The difference between a vegan and plant based lifestyle is that veganism aims to remove every single animal product from the diet. Meanwhile the plant-based diet isn’t that strict, but it focuses on eating mainly plants, seeds, vegetables, legumes, and fruits.

A word from our Exec Chef Matteo Perra  –

‘There are many benefits that as an individual you would get from starting a plant-based diet: vegetables and plants are great for your body and soul!

The classic sentence “Eat your broccoli”  is a simplified version of “Boost your immune system” or “Reduce the risk of many diseases”. I’m not a nutritionist that can talk in detail about how good plants and vegetables are for you, but I can talk about how I love celebrating vegetables through many recipes that I’ve cooked throughout the years working for Young’s. Vegetables are a great alternative to meat. The challenging part is to find ways of cooking them that won’t let you miss those flavours and textures of meat dishes. The secret is using different techniques that emphasize the flavours. Smoked, charred or grilled are my favourite ways to cook vegetables, using a selection of spices and fresh herbs to create amazing combinations throughout the seasons.’



A report recorded that during 2018, 92% of plant-based meals consumed in the UK were eaten by non-vegans. 

The market for plant-based products and a more flexitarian lifestyle approach has continued to surge in recent years with the UK ranked as the most popular country for veganism, according to Google Trends in 2019 and social media trends have continued to highlight consumers’ desire for brands to offer and demonstrate more sustainable ways of working. 

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