Young’s is a company with a long heritage, and we are committed to building a business that nurtures and develops our people, respects the environment, and makes a lasting and positive contribution to the communities we operate in.

The company has taken steps this year to formalise its approach so that in the short-term we will develop our decarbonisation pathway, plan our investments, and set measurable targets so that the company can demonstrate the progress that is being made.

As our sustainability programme develops, we will be taking steps to put targets in place, backed up with ongoing monitoring and reporting systems to track our progress.

Building on our progress, we now intend to accelerate our efforts for greater impact. And we’ll keep you informed of our performance, achievements, and challenges along the way.

Our Journey so Far

1. Buildings energy management system (‘BEMS’)

2. Renewable energy

3. Recycling and waste

4. LED lighting

5. Cellar management

6. Waterless urinals

Food For Thought

Experience the best of British at selected Young’s pubs with the launch of our new supper-club series this August and September. Bringing together land, sea, and gin, we’ve partnered with Plymouth gin for a collection of intimate ‘Food for Thought’ dinners celebrating the best of seasonal produce from across the British Isles, complete with a gin-tastic cocktail pairing.

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Partnering with our suppliers

The Young’s difference Partnering with our suppliers In January we partnered with Pernod Ricard UK, who pledged a 50p charitable donation for every Plymouth Gin and Tonic served across our pubs in Spring 2022, highlighting the sustainability credentials of Plymouth and raising £20,000 for the Ocean Conservation Trust to continue their work protecting our oceans.

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Food Sustainable

Burger Shack menu which is 50% plant based and includes the ‘Classic Plant’ burger patty, and vegan ‘CHKN katsu’ fillet. Every pub must include at least one vegan and one vegetarian dish on their menus, and many offer a number of dishes.

Our newly opened Food Development Learning Centre at Copper House provides the right environment for our chefs to experiment and innovate using seasonal ingredients to create new dishes for evolving customer tastes.

Asparagus Farm

This year for the first time ever, we have been able to partner with an Oxfordshire farmer and establish our very own three-acre asparagus field – solely for use on Young’s menus. Asparagus crops are one of the most sustainable crops grown in the country with most crops left to their own devices for up to ten years in the same spot, the spears regrow and regrow, season after season, without the need of replanting like most other crops.


Working sustainably with Martin Denny who has been foraging for over 20 years, taking only the leaves or parts of the plant he needs and leaving nothing uprooted. There are no pesticides, no chemicals and no added extras. The whole process from plant to plate is about as natural as it gets and, with no machinery or packing houses, he is able to dramatically reduce his carbon footprint.

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Sustainable growth

We create long-term sustainable growth through strategic investments in our estate, our people and our communities, delivering value for all of our stakeholders. At Young’s, we go beyond thinking about profit – we are making investments that not only build up the bottom line, but also build up society.


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