Our Environment

Our Environment

In an era defined by growing environmental awareness, Young’s Pubs stands out as a prime example of a hospitality company that has taken significant strides towards sustainability. With a rich history dating back to 1831, Young’s Pubs has not only managed to preserve its traditional charm but has also adapted to the demands of a changing world, placing environmental responsibility at the core of its operations.

Young’s commitment to the environment is evident in various aspects of its operations. First and foremost, we have embarked on a journey to reduce our carbon footprint. We have invested in energy-efficient appliances and lighting and working towards reducing energy consumption across our establishments.

Sourcing locally has been another key strategy. By working with local farmers and suppliers, Young’s Pubs reduce food miles and support regional economies. This not only ensures fresher, more sustainable ingredients but also fosters a sense of community among patrons.

Young’s Pubs have embraced the environmental challenge with a determination that reflects its longstanding heritage. Through sustainable sourcing, waste reduction, and community engagement, leaving a lasting positive impact on both patrons and the planet.



By giving our waste another lifeform, it diverts it from landfill helping to protect our environment both on land and in the sea.  Recycling our waste also helps by conserving natural resources, creating new/renewable forms of energy, and creating jobs in emerging sectors which helps to support the economy and making our planet a cleaner place to live.

We partner with environmental experts in order to increase our knowledge and help us approach our environmental challenges in the right way.

Decarbonising our company car fleet

Following on from our 2020 policy to only allow replacement orders to hybrid and electric cars, we now have only one petrol car remaining in our 39 car fleet. This is due to be replaced in September 2024 resulting in 100% removal of petrol and diesel cars from the business.

Recycling and waste

In collaboration with our waste management partners, we have identified specific areas across the business where we can improve our recycling rates.

The overnight initiative

Our ‘Save While You Sleep’ initiative will continue with a target of saving over 80 tonnes of carbon during FY24, which currently equates to approximately £100,000 worth of savings. This initiative aims to change the behaviour of operations teams by raising their awareness of energy savings opportunities, simply by switching off non-essential equipment, such as bar fridges, overnight. We estimate that over time this could save over 3% of our operational carbon emissions, as well as helping us to reduce our energy costs.

Maximising energy efficiency

Hort’s Townhouse

Hort’s Townhouse was one of our largest investment which has been redeveloped to BREEAM standards, with the aim of ensuring improvement in energy efficiency within the building structure.


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