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Embracing Autumn: A Flavourful Transformation

Autumn is a great season, it’s the most fascinating and nostalgic. Everything changes, habits, timings, flavours, cooking techniques and colours.

Instant summery flavours will slowly disappear, cooking will change into layering flavours with deep bold ingredients. The roar of our open fireplaces will take you back to your childhood memories, toasting marshmallows by the bonfire.

The sound of crisp, dried leaves under your feet will keep you company during your walks on a misty morning.

Walking through an orchard, picking Bramley apples and soft plums for our home-made pies. You will no longer hold your favourite stew recipe in the back of your mind and your “it’s too hot for it” will cease to exist.

Pheasant, red deer, and black grouse will start appearing on our menus, Chefs will get passionate about a light and lean venison carpaccio, the rich flavours of stuffed roasted partridge or delicate rabbit and oyster mushrooms pie.

Autumn is pumpkins, plums, and pears. Autumn is blackberry and apples. Autumn is game.

Keep your eyes peeled and taste buds primed for some incredible ingredients, delectable dishes, and plenty of seasonal produce.

Discover the quintessential flavours of autumn with our top five featured ingredients gracing our seasonal menus


Heritage Beetroot

Heritage beetroot the Paget family produce and have been growing vegetables at Stills farm for over 100 years . Stills farm is situated in the traditional market garden village of Bromham in Wiltshire , known for its sandy soils and early season vegetables. Proud of the products which are grown under the Red tractor assurance fresh produce scheme.

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English Pears

English Pears from Ringden Farm established in 1963 is a family run business based in the heart of the Kent and Sussex Weald. Pears are picked by gentle lifting and then giving them a little twist. If the fruit leaves the stalk in one then it is ready for picking. The variety of pears produced are Comice, Conference, Concorde, Beurre hardy and Williams.

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Pitchfork Mature Cheddar

Produced by the Trethowan Brothers family cheesemakers making award winning raw milk cheese for over 25 years based in their dairy in North Somerset. Named after the pitchforks that we use to toss the curds, we began making our Pitchfork Cheddar in 2017 and in 2019, won ‘Best British Cheese’ and ‘4th Best Cheese in the World’ at the World Cheese Awards in Italy. We have gone on to win Gold and Silver awards at the 2021 Artisan Cheese Awards. Made with raw, unpasteurised milk and cloth bound with lard, every Pitchfork cheddar is allowed to mature for up to 12 months to develop its signature flavour. Pitchfork Cheddar has a dense, creamy texture and a full-bodied flavour and our favourite description is ‘a cheese with a taste of history’. Pitchfork Cheddar is a natural starting point for a cheeseboard as well as being a versatile cheese to use in cooking, from toppings to soufflés, from toasties to scones.

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Derbyshire Regeneratively Farmed Hogget

Our Supplier Pickstock Foods ‘H’ Grade is a tale of exquisite taste and care, sourced from slower-maturing, regenerative farmed upland sheep breeds across the UK, from the majestic plateaus of the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland to the verdant peaks and rolling hills of Snowdonia in Wales. Our commitment to animal welfare and farm-to-fork traceability shines through, with only 100% British farm-assured animals being chosen, ensuring periodic veterinary health checks and strict welfare standards, including the freedom to roam and interact freely with other animals. Our dedicated butchery selection team hand-picks only the finest grass-fed, hormone, and GMO-free carcasses meeting a stringent criteria for fat cover, colour, weight, and conformation, achieving the top H-Grade ranking including native breeds such as Welsh Mountain, Herdwick and Scottish Blackface.

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South Coast Coley

A delicious, healthy, and much cheaper alternative to cod. Coley stocks are thought to be in good shape around the UK. Coley is MSC Certified, rod & line caught Coley – The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international non-profit organisation on a mission to stop overfishing. For over 20 years, we have been working with fisheries, seafood companies and scientists to help protect the oceans around us, and safeguard seafood supplies. Our Coley will be caught from only two small day boats this year.

Skipper Ryan Davey – onboard the Stellisa, fishing the waters around the isles of Scilly and landing into Brixham.

Skipper Alan Dwan – onboard the Ajax, fishing the waters around the Isles of Scilly and landing into Newlyn.

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