Seasonal Food

Over the next few months we will be embracing and showcasing 5 key seasonal British ingredients with a healthier and more sustainable take on our delicious pub food. You’ll see some beautiful new dishes on our menus with the best seasonal produce that Britain has to offer.

 Keep your eyes peeled and taste buds primed for some incredible ingredients, delectable dishes, and plenty of seasonal produce.

From our kitchens

Spring has sprung and with it comes a whole host of new seasonal ingredients to sample across our menus. 🌱

Here’s Matt with an update on what to look out for in our pubs.

Our top ingredients this season…

Nutbourne Tomatoes

A family run business, Gary has been growing tomatoes for over 40 years alongside his wife Jenny and son Gary Jnr and with an output of approximately 170,000 kg per season, it’s no small affair.

But as the old saying goes, quality not quantity, so what makes Nutbourne top of their game?

Specialising in heritage breeds, Gary and family have grown over 28 varieties of tomatoes and the passion and dedication that goes into Nutbourne Tomatoes is unquestionable. Nutbourne Nursery is located in the beautiful West Sussex village of Pulborough – 53 Miles south of Wandsworth, the stunning varieties we see every year come in all shapes and sizes, and include varieties such as – Red & Yellow Cherry Vine, Baby Plum Vine, San Manzano Plum Vine, Tiger Vine, Coeure De Boeuf, Orange Vine, Classic Vine, Silky Pink, Lemon Tiger and Classic.

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Kent Lamb

All the lamb is sourced from local Kent farms and is hand picked at certain times of the year to ensure we get only the best tasting produce. The lamb is all grass fed and raised on the hills of the North Downs and South Downs helping the sheep to stay healthy.

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Wild Garlic

Foraged on the Queen’s Sandringham estate our wild garlic will be found throughout our menus this summer, and it’s all been handpicked by forager Martin Denny. Working sustainably, Martin has been foraging for over 20 years, taking only the leaves or parts of the plant he needs and leaving nothing uprooted. There are no pesticides, no chemicals and no added extras. The whole process from plant to plate is about as natural as it gets and with no machinery or packing houses he is able to dramatically reduce his carbon footprint.

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British Asparagus

One of the UK’s most famous and most sought after delicacies, British Asparagus is only around for between 5-6 weeks per year depending on how dry the famous British Spring weather is. This year for the first time ever we have been able to partner with a lovely Oxfordshire farmer and establish our very own 3 acre asparagus field –solely for use on Young’s menus. Chefs will be visiting later on in the year to check on our crops and ensure the highest level of field to fork quality is being delivered. The Farm near Bicester in Oxfordshire is a mere 13 miles from our closest kitchen – The Kings Arms in Oxford. Asparagus crops are one of the most sustainable crops grown in the UK with most crops left to their own devices for up to ten years in the same spot, the spears regrow and regrow, season after season without the need of replanting like most other crops. Farmers walk the lines of the maturing spears daily and hand select and hand cut each spear as soon as it’s reached its peak maturity, leaving behind its neighbours until they are perfect for harvest over the next few days or weeks. At the end of the ten year life of the crop the roots are ploughed back into the fields to help fertilise next year’s seeds and the cycle begins again.

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Fowey Mussels

Fowey mussels have a beautiful back story and are a summer staple on our menus. Rope grown in Fowey on Cornwall coast, Fowey Mussels are one of the most sustainable forms of farmed food in the world. Not only do they actually improve the environment (by filtering the water that they are grown in, but also they sequester carbon out of the water into their shells). As a result, they have one of the lowest carbon footprints of any grown foods too. Living in the crystal clear, near Caribbean-like Cornish waters, these beautiful Fowey mussels are plump, juicy and full of flavour.

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