Our People

Our People

Behind the welcoming doors and inviting ambiance of Young’s Pubs, there exists a dedicated and diverse team of individuals who transform a simple pub visit into an extraordinary experience. These individuals are the heartbeat of Young’s Pubs, bringing their unique talents and passions to create a warm, friendly atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back for more.

At the heart of every Young’s Pub, you’ll find skilled bartenders who do much more than pour drinks. They are storytellers, historians, and their deep knowledge of craft beers, wines, and cocktails can turn a casual drink into an enlightening journey through the world of beverages. With their friendly smiles and genuine enthusiasm, our people make patrons feel like they’re catching up with an old friend every time they visit.

Behind the scenes, the chefs are culinary wizards who take pride in crafting mouth watering dishes that perfectly complement the drinks. From pub classics to seasonal dishes, they cater to a wide range of tastes, ensuring that everyone leaves with a satisfied palate. These chefs are dedicated to using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, embracing sustainability, and adding the character of their community to every menu.

In essence, the people who work for Young’s Pubs are more than just employees; they are the custodians of tradition and the architects of memories. Their passion, expertise, and dedication are what make Young’s Pubs not just places to drink and dine but cherished community institutions. They are the ones who turn a visit to a Young’s Pub into an unforgettable experience, one pint and one smile at a time.


The ‘career pathway’ is used to engage, inspire, and develop our teams. Beginning at team member level, the career pathway offers a broad range of development opportunities for our front of house teams, through to general manager level and then on to operations manager. We also have a comprehensive programme for our kitchen teams, and we are proud that our kitchen assistants have the opportunity to develop into our head chefs of the future.


Development courses which are run by our in-house trainers and are available to all our pub teams. The company has offered Commis Chef Level 2 and Hospitality Supervisor Level 3 apprenticeships for a number of years. During the period the company’s apprenticeship programme was expanded to include a broad range of new apprenticeships, such as hospitality manager, operations management, marketing, coaching, and learning and development.

Employee involvement

The importance of good communication with our teams is fundamental to the continued success of the company. We take great care to ensure that all employees are kept well informed of developments within the business throughout the year.




In the last year 73% of our general managers were internal appointments. Around half of those appointments are deputy managers who have graduated from our internal general manager designate programme, and gone on to run their first pub.

Health and wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our employees is vitally important to us. We aim to create safe and healthy working environments where employees can thrive and continue working with us. Our well-established wellness projects cover mental, physical, and financial wellbeing.


Internal succession within Young’s remains one of our key strengths. Offering our team members a career, not just a job, means we are able to retain talent within the business, many of whom go on to run our pubs and kitchens.


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