1st June 2018

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Welcome to the Ginaissance

1st June 2018

Whether you’re a botanical boffin or a tad ginger when it comes to gin, it’s impossible not to notice the gin revolution embracing us. Gin has taken the world by storm and with micro distillers popping up quicker than you can order a G&T, ordering the perfect gin can often involve navigating a wealth of self-reflective questions.


With botanicals ranging from the more traditional camomile, orris root, jasmine, lime leaf oil, coriander seed, sage and liquorice root, to the more exotic, seaweed, dragon eye, lotus leaves and frankincense, gin apothecary is a booming business.

How do you know where be-gin? The answer? Taste them of course! It’s a hard job but someone has to do it. With gin brands on the current market reaching treble figures, pacing yourself is essential. Here ’s our top 3 tips for finding the perfect match.

Rule 1: Go first glass!

Hailing from sunny Spain say Ola to the Copa de Balon glass. Aside from its copious bowl shape, making the offer of a double even harder to refuse, it’s curves allow you to experience the true aromas of the gin. Plus, it’s unique shape means that the ice stays around longer! Bonus! Any establishment worth their weight in juniper will serve these as standard – if they don’t? Taxi!

Rule 2: Fortune flavours the brave!

Not all gins will suit your palette, but some may surprise you, with so many there’s never been a better time to deviate from your old faithful and try something new. Ask for recommendations most bars stock more than the traditional gin giants and pub staff will normally have their own favourite. Mine? Beckett’s, created with hand-picked Juniper berries from Box Hill, Surrey and infused with Kingston upon Thames mint, it offers a refreshing alternative and beautiful backstory. Distiller Neil Beckett works in conjunction with the National Trust to replant the Juniper trees – more trees mean more gin, everyone’s a ginner – I mean winner!

Rule 3: Mix it Up

With gins growing at such a rate it was only natural that tonics would up their game. Gone is the binary choice of slimline or ‘normal’ tonic. How about a Fever-Tree Mediterranean? Perfect with Little Bird Gin, an independent and small batch gin, born and bred in south London, or if you’d rather stay north of the river check out Half Hitch, reinvigorating Camden’s former gin glory. Elderflower tonic teamed with Warner Edwards Rhubarb gin, resonates glorious tastes of countryside vacations and English gentry, (the pressed rhubarb actually comes from a crop that originated in Buckingham Palace!) However, if you’d rather ditch the tonic you could try a gin and ginger ale or embrace your inner bond with a Martini, (shaken not stirred)!

However, you like your gin make sure you enjoy it! Gin is there to be loved and celebrated, with claims that its main ingredient, juniper, rejuvenates your skin, promotes weight loss and even make you live longer! What are you waiting for?! The good news is World Gin Day is just around the corner and to celebrate we’ve got just the tonic. Visit your local Youngs Pub between 8th – 10th June for a free Pink Beefeater and Schweppes, click below to claim yours!


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