7th June 2021


Together at the bar

7th June 2021

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a beer drinker. Yet weirdly over the past year or so during lockdowns, a proper pint from a pub has been one of the things I’ve missed the most. I can open a nice bottle of wine at home, I can just about mix a negroni for myself and the pre-dinner G&T before attempting to cook may not have been quite the same as one from a favourite hotel bar but it did the job. But a beer from a bottle or can from the fridge just isn’t the same as one from the barrel of a pub. That first sip of a freshly pulled pint of ice-cold lager is euphoric. 

Over the past decade or so, we’ve been told about the demise of the pub but if the past 12-months have done anything for us, it’s been a stark reminder that the simple things we took for granted are often the things we miss the most; the pub being one of those. 

A pub is more than a place to just get a pint of your favourite beer – it’s a community; our community. With this comes the enjoyment of popping in for a swift one, whether it’s by yourself or with friends. The joy of standing at a bar – fresh pint in hand – with a newspaper or an unsolicited conversation with the barman or another punter. Not only can you not replicate a proper pint at home but you cannot do any of the aforementioned either. 

The conviviality of a trip to the pub for a pint will be something none of us will take for granted ever again thanks to the pandemic. See you at the bar – the next round is on me.


Adam Hyman is the founder of CODE, a digital membership club for people working in hospitality


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