11th July 2023

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We’ve gone and put a name on it: Young’s Rooms

11th July 2023

We’ve gone and put a name on it

The number of hotel-style rooms over and beside our pubs grew and grew and grew over the last few years.

Sometimes, that growth was because we refurbed parts of our glorious old buildings, making room for rooms rather than boring old storage. Other times, it was because we bought a new pub already kitted up with boutique-hotel-style bedrooms. Either way, the time came for us to decide what these beauties were – hotels or pubs with rooms.

After a few chin-scratching-and-soul-searching weeks, we landed on Young’s Rooms as our name for the part of Young’s that invites sleepovers in pubs. Hotels are lovely and everything, but the word hotel doesn’t really capture the quirks of staying in a pub. It also makes you think of things we don’t necessarily have, like spas, gyms, huge where-do-I-sit receptions, and towels twisted into swan shapes (ok, that last one might only be in the Maldives, but you get the picture).


The Fold

Along with our new name came all sorts of excitement about how to celebrate our bedrooms in all their grand-and-cosy-and-vintage-and-modern glory. And one of them was to create a newspaper called The Fold.

We liked The Fold as a name because papers are fold-y. But the true inspiration behind the name is the ram in our logo – a Dorset Horn ram, no less. In farming chat, a fold is where animals of the same breed are kept together. And we figure that our pubs (with rooms or not) are the same breed. A very eclectic bunch but the same breed.

So, we got all editor-like and created issue 1 this spring/summer. And now it’s found in the rooms and sometimes in the pubs, too. There are all sorts in there. Stuff about what makes Young’s Rooms great (we call that our Five Good Truths), recipes you’ll want to try at home, competitions, old-school sleeping hacks, and (because it wouldn’t be a newspaper without one) a crossword.

We hope you get a chance to flick through it. Or issue 2, which will be dished out for autumn/winter. They are, of course, best flicked through over one of our amazing breakfasts in one of our amazing pubs with rooms. But you can do it digitally, too, on the link below.

The Fold: Issue 1


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