22nd July 2023

#Young's Rooms

Our Guide to the Best Nights Sleep

Vikki Harris

22nd July 2023

If you’re planning a stay in one of our beautiful country-style pub bedrooms – or even if you aren’t – we’ve put together this little guide to help you make the most of your visit, and details on getting a bumper slumber.

Don’t Go to Bed Hungry

Nobody can get a proper rest over the noise of a rumbling tum and we find the best kip comes after a hearty, wholesome dinner.

You’ll be delighted to see some of your favourites on the menu – big steamy bowls of vegetable soup with crusty bread, rich chicken & mushroom pie, and Apple & cinnamon crumble with hot custard. Scrumptious. Swerve post-dinner coffees and plump for a glass of deep, dark Argentinian Malbec.

Who Doesn't Love Good Food and Drink ?

Time to Relax

Down time is vital, but idle scrolling and laughing at funny animal videos is counterintuitive to a good night’s kip, so ditch your mobile. ​​Instead, snap on your bedside lamp, pick up a travel guide, and plan a day of exploring, perhaps visiting nearby towns, or meandering around quaint villages.

Do Not Disturb

Finally, let’s talk about pillows. Our opinion is the more the better, and a plump feather pillow is best, but we know the subject can be  divisive.So, pile up as many as you fancy, take that phone off the hook, pull up the snuggly duvet and rest your weary head. Our​ bedrooms are so quiet that the only noisy thing in there is the wallpaper, so slumber away undisturbed.

​​Sweet Dreams.

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