10th April 2024

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5 ways our pubs with rooms support our sustainability mission

10th April 2024

Little Green Steps


Often, being sustainable is about all the little things we do that add up to a big impact.

By making good choices, we can all change every day habits and be more sustainable. We’ve implemented some positive changes to the way we operate to make your Young’s Rooms stay more planet-friendly, and you can help us do even more.

If we’ll tell you ours, will you do yours?

5 things we do to make Young’s Rooms a more sustainable stay.

1. We’re green powered

100% of our electricity now comes from renewable sources, plus we’ve started rolling out solar panels (fingers crossed for sunny days) and EV charging points across our pubs.

2. We’re switch-off saviours

It’s the job of the Sustainability Champions in each of our pubs to go around turning off things like bar fridges, lights, coffee machines and dishwashers at night-time.

3. We’re paper conscious

For guest messages in our bedrooms, we’ve made permanent wooden signs to replace the paper ones that needed reprinting regularly.

4. We’re multi-use champions

Using refillable bottles for the toiletries in our rooms is just one way we’re working towards removing all unnecessary single-use plastic from our pubs by the end of next year.

5. On the side of the sea

We’ve raised £40,000 for the Ocean Conservation Trust to support seagrass replanting. We did it through the sales of Plymouth Gin (so we should also thank our guests and customers).

And here are 5 simple things you can do.

1. Switch off and shutdown

When you leave your room, you can save energy by remembering to take your key card out of the slot as well as turning off the lights, air conditioning, towel rail, TV and radio.

2. Lighten the load

If you’re staying with us for a few nights, you can save unnecessary laundry (which saves energy) by drying your towels on the towel rail and reusing them. If you do need a towel refresh, just drop the ones that need washing in your bath or shower.

3. Don’t bin the coffee bits

Did you know we can recycle your used Nespresso pods? So, don’t bin them, just leave them in or by the machine. The coffee grounds get used as soil improver, and the aluminium makes new drinks cans.

4. Cut down on paper

You can help save paper if you leave any printed materials in your room for the next guest. You can also opt for a digital-only invoice (but do feel free to take The Fold home for further reading).

5. Sharing is caring

Our refillable toiletries replace the old disposables. So, please don’t take the bottles home with you – leave them for the next guest or you can treat yourself to a gift pack at reception.

And there’s more (plenty more) more where that comes from. Find out more about sustainability at Young’s here.


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