13th September 2023

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Going to the Match

13th September 2023

Going to the Match

POV: You stay at a pub with rooms, so you’re there for the pre match pints (Guinness makes a mighty fine breakfast bev) and a hearty Full English. Fill your stomach and your soul – ready for a rugby-tastic day.


Synchronised footsteps marching to Twickenham Stadium, the beat of the drum reverberating in your chest, your heartbeat pounding in time. Music, chatter, cheering; sounds that get your adrenaline pumping. There’s nothing like the feeling of going to the match.

You’re Part of Something.


POV: You’re huddling round in the bustling pub, with no room (or inclination) to sit down.


Living for the match preamble, the speculation, friendly bets & banter. Laughter, singing, excited voices filling the room and you feel part of something big. Clans & colours with arms around each other. Matching rugby shirts, flying flags with painted faces. Unity in the pub through the rugby love.

Stay Close to the Action


POV: You’re debriefing in the pub with post-match pints (and likely passing round some chips)


Celebrations (or commiserations) and discussions of heritage, history and succession. Battles won & lost on the pitch are deeply felt in the pub. As the endorphins slowly wear off and you’re coming back down to earth, it’s a comfort to know you’ve not got far to go. No need to hail a cab, or brave the crowds at the train station.


To know that you simply need to climb the wooden stairs (don’t forget to settle your tab) and you’re there. Sleep waits for you in that quiet & cosy room, perched atop the pub in which you sit. When you’re ready.

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