27th September 2023

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5 reasons to stay in a pub this Autumn

27th September 2023

5 reasons to stay in a pub this Autumn


We might be a little biased when we say this, but really, nothing beats staying in a pub. And as the leaves turn vibrant shades of red and gold, and there’s a crispness in the air, here are five reasons why we think a stay in a pub should prop the top-spot on your Autumn getaway list.

Charming Atmosphere


Picture crackling log fires, dimly lit cosy corners, the warming hum of laughter and never-ending conversations. It’s an atmosphere that’s never short of warm and welcoming, but there’s something oh-so-special in these chillier Autumn-y months. Every pub has its own unique seasonal story to tell, and by staying with us, you become a part of that story, too (even if it is just for a weekend).


Pictured: Pheasant Inn, Hungerford

Cosy Comforts


As the temperatures outside begin to dip, there’s nothing quite like the snug embrace of a well-appointed bedroom (the oh-so well-appointed type that sits just above or aside one of our character-filled pubs). With uber-comfy beds, the fluffiest duvets, piles and piles of plump pillows (there’s just something about the pillows), and fancy furnishings, our rooms call out for comfort and relaxation. So, whether you’re after a romantic rendezvous, a solo stay or a family-filled weekend away amidst the crisp Autumn breeze, we’ve got the cosiest comforts waiting just upstairs.


Pictured: Griffin Inn, Fletching

Foodie Favourites


One of the less talked about highlights (and it really is a highlight) of staying in a pub is the food-filled adventure that awaits. Autumn brings bundles of seasonal delights, from hearty stews and belt-loosening pies to roasted root veggies and uber-indulgent desserts of dreams. We really do take pride in our culinary offerings, showcasing locally sourced ingredients (we even know our farmers by name) and artisanal flavours. With our team of talented chefs crafting mouth-watering foodie favourites, you can savour the best of the season’s harvest, simply by popping downstairs. See you for dinner at 7?


Pictured: Carpenter’s Arms, Tonbridge

Scenic Surroundings


As the nights get a little colder, and the sun drops just a touch more in the sky each day, Autumn showcases nature’s vibrant and picture-perfect palette, painting the landscape in cosy-rosey hues. Our perfectly placed pubs put you in the heart of some of the most scenic surroundings, whether that’s a quaint village with cobbled streets and tucked-away tearooms, charming coastal towns (though you’ll probably need your brolly), or rambling rolling hills and countryside cosies, we have a real array of bars (and beds) you can rest your hat at.


Pictured: The Bell, Stow-on-the-Wold

Genuine Hospitality


The true essence of a pub stay is in its warmth. We like to think of it as a big hug. And we love everything about genuine hospitality. It’s what we do. It’s what we know. It’s the warming smiles from our characters behind the bar, personal lived-in-the-area recommendations of all things must-see, must-do, the lively pub natter, and the never-ending camaraderie. It’s creating and weaving a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, so that everyone who’s anyone that takes a foot through the door feels like part of the family. Our landlords and ladies really do just love it when you come to stay.


Pictured: White Hart, Ford


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