Love in the pub

With the development of society, the pub has become an indispensable part of British life, attracting people of all walk within your local area and beyond.  Meaning for those searching for love, why look further than your favourite local pub?

Pubs are a place to go to socialise and relax whilst having your favourite tipple, all perfect ingredients for letting your guard down, and in turn letting that perfect someone stroll into your life.  One of the greatest things about the Young’s pub culture is that you can strike up conversation with a stranger and make new friends completely within your comfort zone.  It may be a passing comment about the rugby scores and the weather or, mood dependant, something meatier such as current affairs or politics.  In fact, research shows that one in four adults met their partner in the pub, meaning we’re in for an unsto-pub-le year of love!

With the coming months promising cold and dreary evenings, the warm glow of fireside armchairs and delicious food & drink beckons, so put your luck in your local watering hole this winter and you might just meet the one.