15th November 2018

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In The Pursuit of Hoppiness

15th November 2018

Real Ale brewers for over 27 years, Hogs Back Brewery is named after the Hogs Back Ridge, or as it’s now less glamorously known, the A31. Don’t let this put you off though, set in an 18th century farmhouse in the middle of the Surrey countryside it really is a welcome sight to the weary traveller. A local landmark, famous for its Revival Hop Garden. A hop garden, which is on the move.

Hogs Back Brewery have undertaken a remarkable quest, to move an entire hop garden consisting of 2500 hop plants to a new site located behind the brewery, upgrading from 3.5 acres to 8.5 acres of land.  

Cultivating hops since 2014, Hogs Back have made their mark in the hop growing industry with their revival of the Farnham White Bine hop. On the edge of extinction and facing an uncertain future they have successfully brought it back to life through their premium beer, Pioneer.


Visiting on a double brew day was a spot of luck and a sensory treat, aside from the buzz of activity, the entire site was saturated with the beautiful smells of malt from the daily brews. Currently producing more than 100,000 pints a week you can be sure to find Hogs Back available in selected Young’s pubs across London and the South East.

Keep your eyes peeled at your local Young’s pub for ‘Meet the Brewer’ events coming up over the next few months, and if you can’t wait that long, Hogs Back run small, friendly brewery tours between Wednesday and Sunday complete with generous levels of tastings! If you’re interested in helping Hogs Back with their historic move or following them on their journey you can find out more here.


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