20th January 2023


Guinness Six Nations done right

20th January 2023

Is there a better sporting tournament than the Six Nations? The ups, the downs, the good years, the bad, the grit, the flair. The natural ebb and flow as teams peak and rebuild. The ever-improving Italians (they’re everyone’s second team, right?) becoming more and more of a threat. The local rivalries. The camaraderie. The local rivalries… and then being able to have a drink with your fellow supporters AND the opposition.

Which is one of the reasons the last couple of years has been so frustrating for rugby fans, from those shouting from the stands – when permitted – to those shouting at the pub TV. When permitted.

And, as we looked around over the last few months, at tables full of happy faces, at excellent pints being poured, at great food being enjoyed, with friendly banter in our ears and that sense of anticipation building, all we could think was “it’s good to be back.” Because, really, is there anywhere better to enjoy the Six Nations than in a good pub?

While we’re a little biased, we think a great pub is integral to the Six Nations experience. As our landlords can happily testify, many a visitor to Twickenham has finished their Six Nations experience in one of our pubs, many an armchair rugby fan has finished their Six Nations experience in one of our pubs, and even more have just decided that our pubs ARE the Six Nations experience. We think they’ve got a point. The atmosphere on a Six Nations match day is a wonderful thing, whether you’re an ardent fan or the game is playing second fiddle to hanging out with your friends.

As for rugby’s signature sense of camaraderie and good natured rivalry, as our landlords can happily testify, that’s certainly present and correct. While other sporting occasions can be rife with tension, The Young’s pub / Six Nations experience is more likely defined by opposing fans having a laugh and buying one another drinks.

We won’t go on about why we’ve not been able to be together under one roof for the Six Nations – we all know the reason – but we suspect you’ve missed it as much as we have. It’s good to be back.


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