2nd January 2019

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Exploring The Malbec Road – Part 1

2nd January 2019

Winter may have firmly set in but we thought we’d take a break from the January blues with a taste of Summer as we explore the road to Malbec. Discovering where some of our most famous wines are produced, join us this January as we unearth some of Argentina’s most vin-credible sites. 

The Malbec road starts in Argentina, seven thousand miles away, in a land that few of us may be familiar with aside from football heroes, tango and the spectacular Andes mountains that stretch from the north to the south of the country.


The Argentinians can also proudly lay claim to being one of the world’s top Malbec makers.  Malbec is Argentina’s top red grape variety, enjoying phenomenal success and one of our top selling reds at Young’s. The road to Malbec begins in Buenos Aires and is the place where Porteño was born!

Buenos Aires is a city that is culturally rich, flamboyant and seductive, a colourful blend of Latin passion and European heritage, with a unique personality.


Since the middle of the nineteenth century many Europeans emigrated to south America, arriving in Buenos Aires, often settling and setting up their homes near the port in what is now the bright and colourful La Boca district, home to one of Argentina’s most famous football clubs and where tango dancers can be seen performing on every street corner.

Buenos Aires’ proud inhabitants are known as Porteño, which is Spanish for someone who is from or lives in this port city; they are sophisticated, extravagant and always very well groomed. Porteño Malbec, created from the traditions and passion of the people at Bodega Norton reflects Buenos Aires; vibrant, passionate and approachable!


To discover the taste of Porteño pop down to your local Young’s pub where you’ll be able to get a taste of the action or find out how you could be sipping your way to South America with a trip of a lifetime here.


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