13th June 2022

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changing the world drink by drink

13th June 2022

How would you feel if we told you could help save the world with a visit to the pub?

It’s time to say hello to the socially conscious softie that’s packing quite the punch. With a motto of changing the world drink by drink it’s fair to say Lemonaid is leading the way when it comes to sustainable drinking.

Now we realise some global issues may take more than a visit to your local to solve, (although it’s worth noting many a great discovery have been made in the pub! In 1953 James Francis Crick announced to a pub full of unsuspecting locals that he and his colleague James Watson had “discovered the secret of life” finally cracking the structure of DNA. ) But it’s good to know that with every purchase of Lemonaid you’ll be giving a little something back to the farmers, regions and local community that helped produce it.

Made entirely from raw, organic fair trade ingredients, Lemonaid supports fair-trade sustainable farming with a 5 pence donation from every bottle purchased in our pubs going to the Lemonaid & ChariTea project. The project supports small-scale farmers and development initiatives all over the world with a focus on conscious, sustainable consumption.

As delicious and healthy as their drinks are, for the team behind Lemonaid their  drinks are a means to an end  – they produce the drinks to support small-scale farmers and development initiatives all over the world…Conscious, sustainable consumption.

“We believe firmly in the “drinking helps” principle. Every bottle contributes a little towards a better world. Achieved through sustainable farming, Fairtrade and active project work in the growing regions.”

Of course being sustainable doesn’t have to stop in the pub. Take a look at some unique ideas for upcycling your used drinks bottles in and around the house below. 


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