1st January 2024

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5 New Year’s Resolutions you can try at the Pub

Danny Brown

1st January 2024

A tradition that derives from the ancient Babylonians nearly 4000 years ago, when it comes to New Year’s resolutions we’re certainly not new in giving them go, and with nearly half the country reportedly setting themselves one for 2024 here’s our top 5 resolutions you can try in your local.

Be More Social 

Put down the TV remote and get to the pub. Research studies have shown that that people with strong social networks can increase their life span by as much as 50%. If that’s not an excuse to head to local then we don’t know what it is?

 Get healthy

Whilst the pub might be your first stop when it comes to a health kick, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of reasons to keep it on the list this January. From Veganuary to Dryanuary, we know winter wellness is important and if you are thinking about taking a break from the booze we’ve several reasons (served in a glass) to keep you going.  From Lyre’s mocktails to non-alcoholic pints, Guinness 0.0 and low and no spirits the lists are endless. 

Learn a New Skill

Local pubs are a hub spot for community activity and behind the chitter chatter of the bar you can find everything from Morris dancing, rowing clubs, yoga, and more.

Top tip: Although these are not always advertised groups will often be delighted to welcome new members. Speak to the bar staff to find out what community events are happening at your local and you never know this time next year you could be stretching your way into 2024.

Find Love 

From speed dating to love at first pint the pub is no stranger when it comes to the story of love, with research revealing the relaxed environment of a pub was why over a third of the nation chose this as the setting for the first date with their partner. 

However, if online dating is more your thing, with free WiFi in all our pubs there really is no excuse.

See the World 

There’s no time like the present so make 2024 count and plan that trip of a lifetime. Whether it’s 12 countries in 12 months, backpacking around Australia or that trip to Disneyland, these all take planning. The pub can provide the perfect spot for some holiday inspiration and you can always get the holiday vibes flowing with a cocktail or two. (for research purposes of course) 


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