24th March 2020

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5 Coffee Hacks for Working From Home

24th March 2020

With most of us now practicing the work-from-home life, it’s realistic to assume that shifting to our ‘home office’ will become the new normal for a while.  Among us there will be many working from home for the first time, and whilst your first thought might be that it’ll be a fun snow-day for adults, settling into our new present is a confusing transition.  To ensure we remain productive, and to avoid going stir-crazy, we’ve compiled 5 ways coffee grinds can help us face the future with optimism and creativity whilst adding a little fun to our day!

Here at Young’s, all of our pubs aim to provide the best coffee experience possible by serving only Street & Co, a new 100% Arabica blend premium coffee from the family run business John Street Beverage.  The blend is a medium-bodied coffee with rich toffee sweetness, honeyed notes and a soft citrus finish.  With all coffee beans being sustainably sourced, John Street Beverage is proud to hold certification from The Rainforest Alliance.

1. Drink from a cup you love

We all have a favourite mug we love to drink from in the office, why should this be any different when working from home?  Using a mug you love (and one you use in the office perhaps) will lift your mood and add some routine to your day.  Plus you’ll be helping the environment by using less water during the washing up!


2. Use fresh water

Few people understand how large of an impact water quality has on their coffee!  Hard or unfiltered water can make your coffee taste stale and harder to enjoy.  Using a water filter will transform your coffee game, and provide you with an enjoyable taste every time!

3. Roast coffee in a popcorn maker

Granted, not everyone will have a popcorn maker, but if you do find yourself the lucky owner of one, there is nothing more exciting than watching green coffee pop and crackling during the roasting process.  As popcorn and coffee are both made by similar processes, spinning and heating beans, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the craft coffee experience.


4. Create coffee ice cubes

With summer around the corner, the cold coffee brew is calling!  However one of the worst things about it the watery, weak drink you are left with once the ice melts.  To combat losing your coffees flavour, why not add homemade coffee ice cubes?  They will ensure your coffee keeps its rich taste until the last sip!

5.  Combat bitter coffee with a pinch of salt

For those who may be finding their particular brew a little bitter, then adding a just a pinch of salt can help.  The sodium helps to improve the taste of coffee by masking some of the bitter components on your tongue.  The resulting flavour is much more mild and enjoyable!


6. Make your own coffee syrups

With stricter rules on leaving the house, purchasing syrups for coffee isn’t available to all of us.  So why not try making some of your own flavoured syrup at home?  From coconut oil to different creamers, coffee has the ability to fit into nearly every taste pallet.  All you have to do is boil your desired flavour with sugar and water for a new tasting coffee every time.


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