11th November 2022

#Young's Rooms

Family stays and autumn getaways

Vikki Harris

11th November 2022

Just because summer has packed her suitcase and flown south for the winter, there is no reason to believe that the holiday season is over.

Autumn is the best time of year for adventure and exploration; collecting conkers, splashing in puddles (best paired with wellies) sploshing through Bushy Park and spotting the fallow deer. Snuggling up in the bar by the fireside afterwards, getting toasty with a hot chocolate for the little ones and a bottle of Malbec for the grown-ups. Hearty seasonal food designed to satisfy your family and pleasantly warm your cockles.


Holiday mealtimes are occasions with a dress code. Children finally wearing the lovely things their grandparents bought, before they swiftly grow out of them. Slipping into your Sunday best for an early candlelit dinner in the restaurant. Family time spent selecting exciting new foods to try, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but always an experience.

Making memories.


Taking the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of your children. Walking the cobblestones and reliving the history of Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace. Attempting to pronounce the Latin names of the flora & fauna of Kew Gardens by ‘sounding out’ (if you know, you know) and holding hands on an amble along the Thames. Examining

every leaf they thrust under your nose and cowering in fear at their menacing stick swords. How fantastic to wander with nowhere to be!


Retreats to the leafy suburbs of London offer the chance to immerse yourself in nature, with the bright lights of London so tantalisingly close. Sleepover den escapades for them in the fancy pull-out beds, whilst you luxuriate in a cool, clean super king with all those extra pillows ….and no alarm for the next day. Bliss.

So, it seems that all you need is an overnight bag and a spot of bravery. Throw in your chunky knitwear, scoop up an armful of toys for good measure – oh, and don’t forget the wellies.


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