23rd May 2018

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Wine; uncorked Mezza ‘Glacial Bubbly’ by Mezzacorona

23rd May 2018

On the label…

Mezza is short for Mezzacorona and it’s hard not to say that in an East End accent. It is also the Italian for ‘half’ or ‘in between’, which is apt as this a perfect palate cleansing wine that would work midway through a meal or through the day! It’s a sparkling wine from the foothills of the Dolomites in Northern Italy in the wine region known as Trento-AltoAdige and is ideal for those who are tired of Prosecco. ‘Glacial Bubbly’ they call it, and there is a lovely freshness to it as you would expect with a name like that. It summons up crystalline bubbling brooks surrounded by white flowers. The packaging is very eye-catching and it’s clear that their whole brand ethos is geared towards getting a younger, millennial audience into a new style of wine. This is a pretty unique product!


IGT stands for Indicazione Geografica Tipica, which is a quality level similar to AOC in France and should be a guarantee of a certain level of quality. ‘Bianco’ means ‘white’, ‘vigneti’ means ‘vineyards’ and ‘delle Dolomiti’ means ‘from the Dolomites’.

Grapes & Style

Mezza sparkling Italian white; Queen Elsa of wine styles

If you’re looking for a classic Winebird Vinalogy for this wine, it’s basically Queen Elsa from Frozen: Glacial cool, feminine, a touch perfumed. It seems sweet on the nose but it’s actually quite dry and crisp. Definitely blonde, with hidden depths and a unique personality. Shall I let it go now?


What does this one taste like?

The Mezza, unlike Prosecco, is a blend of several grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and a touch of aromatic Muller Thurgau, which gives it that floral note. It’s much more perfumed than Prosecco; more creamy lemon citrussy than ripe pears on the palate and has a much crisper, mineral freshness. It’s incredibly easy drinking without being cloying and not too acidic or alcoholic either (12%).


What do you eat with it?

This is an ideal wine to start whatever the event is off that you’re having. It’s also a great mid point wine as the name suggests – a bit like that lemon sorbet you get in posh restaurants in between meals. The floral, fruitiness would also be a great foil for mild spices.


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