15th December 2017

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Wine, Uncorked: Australian Viognier

15th December 2017

We’ve let the fabulous Helena Nicklin, AKA Winebird, route around our cellars to give you a fuss-free low-down on what’s behind the label of our wonderful wines. This time, she’s picked a 2016 Deakin Estate Viognier from Australia…

On the label…

Viognier? Say what now? Pronounced vee-on-yay, Viognier is the grape; a white grape that’s most famous in France but has found a happy holiday home on the other side of the world. This white wine is made by the producer ‘Deakin Estate’ and comes from the relatively cool but sunny southern Australian province of Victoria.

The spiritual home for Viognier is in the northern Rhône Valley in France; a region most famous for the red grape Syrah. A tiny little appellation called ‘Condrieu’ here only makes white wines from Viognier and they are huge, creamy and floral. The producers at Deakin Estate in Australia love all the French Rhône wines and so grow the same grapes on their land. All hail the ‘Rhône rangers!’

Grape & Style

Viognier: the sun goddess of wine grapes! Voluptuous, peachy and floral with a satisfyingly oily texture, Viognier is a grape with boo-tay! Imagine it as a tropical sun goddess, skin glistening with coconut oil as she offers you a peach cocktail and places a garland of white flowers around your neck. With its fuller body, it’s a grape you’ll love, particularly if you’re a Chardonnay fan.

What does this one taste like?

This Viognier from Australia was made in quite a cool year, so while we still see the oily texture and some peach, there’s a smoky lime note to it. Very moreish and just a little bit different.


What do you eat with this Viogner?

With its floral nose and weighty fruitiness, Viognier is a great match for mildly spiced food, especially Asian cuisine. It also loves grilled fish, richer poultry or pork dishes and mild tagines cooked with apricots.


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