20th April 2022


The Ram Agency

20th April 2022

We caught up with Abi, Head of Recruitment and Training to find out more on how their serving up flexible working opportunities with it’s very own recruitment agency.


What is the Ram Agency?

The Ram Agency is Young’s very own internal agency, where our team can choose shifts to work at any of our 220+ pubs. Our Ram Agency team desire a flexible lifestyle, so we’ve ditched the traditional model and put the power in their hands. The hospitality industry has a reputation for long & antisocial working hours but times have changed and people are quite rightly demanding a better work life balance. Well – we offer it. No false promises. Our team literally work when they want, whether that’s full time hours on their own schedule, or one shift per month. It’s brilliant if I do say so myself!

What makes the Ram Agency unique?

We are the only company within hospitality (as far as I’m aware!) who has this model. There’s plenty of agencies out there, but the Ram Agency is a bit different. Our team have a General Manager, Monse – whose job is essentially running a virtual pub, with a big team! Monse is passionate & caring, she ensures the team are looked after and have opportunity to train & progress, so it’s no surprise they love working for her. There’s also lots of similarities in the pubs so you are able to learn the basics pretty quickly; such as how our tills & tablets work, wine list & menu classics. With usual agency work you’d be starting from scratch in each new business.

What sort of jobs are on offer?

We have employees at The Ram Agency in every role from Kitchen Assistant to Head Chef, and Runner to Deputy Manager. It really is open to everyone – from Head Chef’s with 10+ years of experience, to those with no experience at all – starting with the basics, we offer training for those who are keen to learn.

How do I apply?

You can visit our Recruitment Website here or if you want to have a chat about working for us, drop an email to theramagency@youngs.co.uk, and we’ll be in touch!


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