1st February 2022

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Plymouth Gin for the Win

1st February 2022

I am one of those people who moved my family from city to the coast after Lockdown One. Selfishly, I wanted to have the best of both worlds – a job I love in sales & marketing for an amazingly supportive company, and to end each day on the beach with my children.

And so it is that we upped sticks and changed our lives.

The seaside has always been very important to me and a place where I find solace and contentment. I’ve also been known to angrily fling rocks at the sea in a foul rage too, but mostly I just fling myself in the water – even in the winter – and am reborn. Every time my family and I visit the beach for a swim, or a dog walk, we always fill our pockets with rogue pieces of plastic, rope, litter and tell ourselves we’ve made a small difference to the state of our coastline.

When I heard about the Ocean Conservation Trust through our mutual friends at Plymouth Gin, I was amazed to hear that in 2021 alone they managed to clear over 22kms of coastland and collected over 350kgs of rubbish. That is astounding.

Plymouth Gin themselves run a sustainable distillery that is 100% hydro powered, their bottles are 100% recyclable and they send zero waste to landfill. So, the brand themselves are promoting a greener way of working and hopefully pioneering a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process within the industry & beyond. Heroes. Furthermore, they have pledged to donate 50p to the amazing Ocean Conservation Trust for every single Plymouth G&T sold throughout Young’s up to their £10’000 target.

Frankly, this is music to my ears. Not only am I a fan of the beach, I am a huge advocate for a sustainable lifestyle and a big fan of gin, so this ticks all my happy boxes. I’ll be switching up my tipple from now on and although my family will still be picking up stray plastic, the chaps at OCT will be better funded to collect mountains of the stuff, simply by trading our usual nip to a drop of Plymouth Gin.

Enjoy your drink next time you are in one of our pubs – and feel content that you’ve done your bit for planet Earth.

G&T’s = Cleaner Seas.

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