22nd January 2024


Six Nations 2024 – Rugby In The Pub

22nd January 2024

We are, by our own admission, a little biased but we reckon the pub is the best place to watch The Guinness Six Nations. There’s atmosphere. There’s camaraderie. There’s a little bit of friendly banter with the opponents’ fans. There are multiple screens and replays, so you don’t have to worry about someone standing up and making you miss the winning try. (Also, the pub is warmer than the stadium)

If you are going to join us at your nearest Young’s pub for a Six Nations match or two, we’ve come up with a little guide to rugby watching etiquette….

Show your nation some support

We’re all for a little local pride (see our beers such as London Original and London Special ) and, while of course it’s not compulsory, are very much in favour of you showing your Six Nations’ allegiance via a badge or a scarf or, of course, a replica rugby shirt. We’d suggest you don’t wear the shorts though – our pubs may be cosy but it’s going to be chilly outside – and it’s a hard “no” on the boots (studs and wooden floors are not a good mix), the REALLY big hats and, particularly, banners…

The offside rule

We’ve been watching rugby for years and, whisper it soft, are utterly certain we don’t understand all the rules. But we know enough to not be confused and, more importantly, not to sound really stupid when talking to other people – or shouting at the referee. So offside is when a player is in front of the offside line, a line that changes in different situations. If play is flowing, the ball is the line. In a ruck or a maul, the line is marked by the feet of the player furthest back. And while we’re on those subjects…

The ruck is formed when a player is tackled, the ball is on the floor and players are piling into each other over the top. The tackled player must release the ball, but other players can pile in from behind, not the side. And a maul is when the ball is held up off the ground by an opponent and a team-mate… More team-mates can pile in from behind and drive the maul forward. They can’t pile in from the side.

The rest? Well, you’re smart. You’ll pick it up. We have faith in you.

A little respect

One of the things we like most about rugby fans is the mutual respect. As the players respect one another (for the most part, we won’t talk about some scrums or off-the-ball incidents) and, particularly, the officials, so the fans treat one another. By all means have a joke with the opposing fans – good natured banter makes the world go round at this time of year – but know when to stop (or know when to tell your friend to stop). Applaud good play from the opposition. Congratulate the winning fans at the end of the game. And get your round in – it’s not just the opponents’ fans you’re being nice to.

If nobody joins your chant…

Give up, move on.

Scotch eggs may be rugby-ball shaped but they’re not rugby balls…

As your mum might have told you, don’t play with your food. Replays on the TVs are acceptable. Attempts to recreate great Six Nations moments in the pub considerably less so.

Viva Italia!

Whoever you support, the Azzurri are your official second team. This is not up for debate.

Big screen, not small screen

Pubs are social. Enjoy your friends, enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the food, the sport, the drinks – responsibly – and be present. Sure, you might need to look up the odd statistic, or message the friend who’s running late but there are few things worse than a table of people ignoring one another and all on their phones. The more fun you have, the more fun we have. The more fun we have, the more fun you have…



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