10th March 2024


Rugby revelry that’s worth a try, by Six Nations commentator Nick Heath

Nick Heath

10th March 2024


For Six Nations fans, rugby’s greatest championship arrives in February and the vibrant colours of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, and Italy light up the pubs, the fans, and TV screens across these lands as if to distract and chaperone us into spring when nature’s own bright colours will emerge.

The passionate cheers and dramatic storylines captivate our hearts, intimidate our fingernails and encourage us to reach out to friends old and new to come together in our favoured cosy spots where drinks flow and bellies are sated.

English fans, known for their unyielding pride and stoic demeanour, exuding a quiet confidence that crescendos into thunderous cries – a side with strong new Roots under captain (Saint) George.

The Irish contingent, with their warm hospitality and quick wit, transform a pub into a lively haven where camaraderie flows as freely as the Guinness. Johnny who? The French despatched.

Scottish fans, in Finn they trust. A 22-year record broken in Cardiff but so close to a lead lost. The tartan-clad believers, their saltire face paint outlasting their faith in the scoreline.

Wales fans, from a nation steeped in poetic fervor, bring a touch of lyrical grace to the gathering. The air is filled with melodic chants and anthems, echoing the passion of a nation deeply intertwined with its rugby heritage. The history fuels the hope of brighter days under the Great Gats.

French supporters, all supporters, ruing the absence of their kingmaker Dupont. Fans of Les Bleus add a dash of sophistication to the proceedings, discussing the game with a flair that matches their team’s finesse.

Meanwhile, the Italian contingent, bold and exuberant, bringing a ‘told-you-so’ air that is steeped in hindsight pride about precisely how good Garbisi could be and when Capuozzo will return.


Kinship and unity define the teams as much as the supporters. As the matches unfold, each nation’s fans experience a rollercoaster of emotions, from the ‘can’t-look’ tension of one-score encounters to the euphoria of triumphant moments.

Amidst the clinking of glasses and the savoury aroma of pub fare, these diverse fan bases find common ground in their shared love for rugby. The Six Nations becomes a celebration of cultural nuances. In the heart of these pubs, fans forge bonds that extend beyond the final whistle, proving that rugby is not merely a sport but a unifying force that brings people together in the spirit of joy, competition, and genuine friendship.



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