25th July 2023

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Our Five Good Truths

25th July 2023

The best things about Young’s Rooms can
be boiled down into our Five Good Truths.
They’re what makes our guests happy
and us. See what you think.

1 / It’s a joy to stay in a pub
You feel the charm of the building and the buzz of
the banter as soon as you step in. A pub is for everyone
– as easy-going as easy-going can be. No formalities,
no fussiness, just a happy, happy place. Then there’s the
bar on hand and a great kitchen, too. And just a few
steps take you to a super-comfy bed. Now that’s
convenience for you.

2 / Who doesn’t love proper
food and drink?
Our pubs have been meccas for travellers for nearly
two centuries, so we know our food and drink. Cask ales
are kept carefully. Pints are pulled properly. Wines are
served perfectly. Cocktails are mixed expertly. And we’re
masters of mealtimes, from breakfast at the crack of
dawn to a snack past the witching hour and every
delicious plate in between.

3 / We’ve been looking after
people since 1831
We learnt our craft long ago and have honed our
skills from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries.
For us, hospitality should be a hug, and we welcome
guests as though they were guests in our own homes.
With our unique buildings, oh-so-cosy rooms and
delicious food and drink, we welcome you to our
characterful and ever-friendly pubs with open arms.

4 / Our rooms are as
individual as it gets
We’ve got boutique rooms with rolltop tubs and comfy
rooms that are great value. And plenty else in between.
Our bedrooms are unique because each of our pubs
is wonderfully different. The only things that come as
standard are comfort and quality, tasteful trimmings,
and our thoughtful little touches. Every room is a
discovery, and every stay is extraordinary.

5 / We’re full to the brim
with character
We have pubs of all ages in a mixed bag of places.
Character oozes from every corner and rafter, and
each one has a good yarn to tell. And then there
are the characters you meet inside them. The smiling
ones behind the bar and the smiling ones on the other
side. The olden-day ones who gave our pubs names
and the four-legged ones hogging the fire.

Our rooms are so much more than just a room to sleep in.

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