30th May 2023

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Make the Public House Your Home

Vikki Harris

30th May 2023

Make the Public House Your Home

We can all agree that holidays are important.
You count down the days until you can enthusiastically click on that Out of Office, and stride out of work with a grin on your face.
A change is as good as a rest, they say, and for many of us it doesn’t matter where we go, where we stay – the thing we crave most is simply a change of scenery.
The last few years has taught us to love where we live, and that England has plenty to offer by way of exciting places to explore. As such, more of us are swerving eye-wateringly expensive flights abroad in favour of holidays a little closer to home. Less stress, no need to learn the local lingo, and often better on the budget – which means more money in the kitty for those all-important added extras.
Choosing where to go is easy. Go fossil hunting along the Jurassic Coast in Devon, or head to sunny Sussex by the sea for some beach bum style good vibrations. Go find yourself a Banksy in Bristol, or take a trip to the Big Smoke to visit all the London must-sees. Be a tourist in your own country.

So, now you’ve decided where to go. All that is left is to choose where to stay.

Sure, hotels have lifts and lobbies, wake up calls and big, buffet breakfasts – but a pub stay offers something much more.

When you stay in a pub, you get the sort of holiday that comes with no hassle. No frills or fuss, just comfortable relaxed vibes, with all the home comforts you’d expect (plus some extras that you might not) We’ve made a return to traditional values, and choose to champion what matters – togetherness, longing to belong.

The heart of a pub is its people. Both the community it serves, and the people who choose to work there. You’ll often say ‘Goodnight’ to the same person who you said ‘Good morning’ to. When you book a break in a pub with rooms, you are enveloped into the bosom of a town, a village, a way of life, a culture.

And the buildings. Wow.

You can stay in listed buildings with low beamed ceilings with wonderfully wonky walkways. Steps that are curved in the centre from centuries of footsteps. These are buildings with stories, respectable with age, that have a rich history & heritage.

They’ve housed many a weary traveller, fed & watered the masses, warmly welcomed-in many a passer-by – and will continue to do so long after this day.


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