26th January 2024

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Gone to the pub: just check-in and chill-out

Vikki Harris

26th January 2024

Check-in and chill-out

January is known for being a great time for new beginnings. Taking stock, planning ahead and getting set for the year to come. The last fast-paced part of the year often whizzes by in a blur of dramatic deadlines, seasonal socialising, and frantic shopping sprees. So, it’s important (nay-vital) to start the year at a snail’s pace – not a sprint. Much to be learned from the hare and the tortoise, you see. Slow and steady.

It’s absolutely A-OK for us to use the colder months to sit back and take stock. Winter can be spot-on for hunkering down, eating food that makes us feel good, and generally taking life unhurriedly. As the sunnier days roll in, life undoubtedly gets that bit busier (so let’s make the most of hibernation season while we can).

If you’ve got some holiday left to use up, then use it wisely, we say. While away those glorious hours with woodland welly-walks, followed up with hot cuppas (cupped in cold hands) sipped by the fireside. Or even better – weekend getaways (or those out-of-office midweek escapes) spent exploring our fair lands – but only after breakfast in bed, of course.

Sounds dreamy, right? Then wait ’til you get a hold of this. Our Cosy Nights stay package is two-nights of absolute bliss. Just check-in and chill-out. No cooking or washing up. And all eats and drinks at your fingertips so you can finally grab that rest you’ve earned.

So, we say this. Soft launch your year with a snug-as-bug stay and save your new beginnings for spring.

Kent, Countryside & Coddiwompling

Pack a few essentials and head away for a two-nighter in Kent for a snuggly stay at the ever so gorgeous Carpenter’s Arms, Tonbridge. It’s a great base for coddiwompling in the Kent Downs Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (we’re not exaggerating its gorgeousness – that’s it’s official title) and taking in nature’s finest. Bring a newspaper down to the pub, prop up by the fire (maybe even give the crossword a go) and take a rain-check on those work emails and doom-scrolling.


Bathtubs, Bubbles & Bed

Perhaps a mindfulness mission to the Spread Eagle, Wandsworth, is what you need. Simply close the door and refuse to participate in the world for a little bit. Run yourself a hot bubble bath (they’ve some seriously good rolltop tubs) and luxuriate in it for a really, really, really long time. Let a bit of the water out and top it up with hot. Repeat. Repeat. And repeat, again. Tap in for a room service supper, settle into a mountain of fluffy pillows, and bed down for a feel-good film night (coupled with a late-night rummage in the mini-bar) to complete this little self-care sojourn.


Sea, Supper & Snooze

A jolly jaunt to The Canford, Poole is good for the soul, too. It’s a place you can settle into a fireside chair perfectly comfortably for the longest lunch possible. A lunch that stretches out all day. Head out for a brisk (it might be a bit chilly) beach-y stroll for all that good sea air, before heading back and settling down for round two. Start with wine and hearty pies, move on to the cocktails, and then grab yourself a cheeky nightcap, too. No chores to do (your washing machine is a million miles away, after all) and there’s absolutely nowhere you need to be.


Cosy Nights

Bed down for a two-nighter at any of our pubs with rooms, and we’ll make sure there’s a warming winter-y cocktail for you on arrival, we’ll save a spot for you in the pub for dinner, and we’ll get you geared up for the day(s) ahead with a top-notch brekkie each morning.

This topped-up stay package is available through to 30th March 2024. Just pick your perfect pub, select your stay dates and you’ll see the Cosy Nights package pop up. Then just leave the rest to us…

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