Our Ultimate Christmas Pudding Recipe

With over 15 years creating the perfect Christmas dinners, we caught up with Exec Chef, Wayne Pike, to find out his top tips for this year's festive offerings, starting with the all time British classic, the Christmas pudding. Whilst we find it hard to imagine a life without Christmas pudding, we have it on good authority that it hasn't always been such a merry affair. This stodgy, spiced, suet sweet was one barred from appearing on UK dinner plates by 17th century statesman Thomas Cromwell, who believed the festive season was for fasting and outlawed all feasting. We're certain we won't see Christmas vanquished anytime soon, but there's certainly no point in hanging around. Time to find out how to make this year's perfect pudding with Wayne's family recipe. 

British Food Fortnight

Celebrating British Food Fortnight with one of our favourite food bloggers, Sisley White... There are some who might say that British Food isn’t the most exciting when compared to the flavours and tastes from around the world. However in my opinion, Britain can stand its ground on the best plates of world food. British Food Fortnight is the best way to showcase what British food has to offer. I would suggest that the place to enjoy the best of British is in a proper pub. Young’s have a great heritage of producing incredible dishes with a focus on seasonal British food.

New beers on the block

This September we rolled out the barrels and pulled out all the hops, welcoming not one but two brand new beers to our Young's ramily Taking London head on, this perfect pair of pint sized heroes have been delighting drinkers across the country. But of course you don't have to take our word for it, keep your eyes peeled for them in your local Young's as they make their way to a bar near you.  In the meantime, we all know beauty is in the eye of the beerholder so we've put together some tasting notes below to tantalize your taste buds and prime your palate in anticipation. 

Curious as a Cucumber

Join us on Wednesday 20th March to celebrate one of our favourite days of the year in conjunction with Hendrick's Gin and Fever-Tree mixers, as we welcome back Cucumber Currency Day! Yes you heard it right, we’ll be swapping a refreshing glass of Hendrick's Gin and Fever-Tree tonic for the unsung hero of the vegetable world, the humble cucumber. But before you start cultivating your cucumbers in anticipation we've compiled a few of our favourite facts about the most curious of veggies.


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