17th May 2023

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Abandon All Electronics

Vikki Harris

17th May 2023

 Abandon all Electronics

Raise your hand if you thought you’d be a parent who didn’t rely on screens to entertain your children. Yep. You’re not alone.

It can be especially tough to persuade the kids to put down their beloved devices during the (seemingly endless) school holidays. If you’re planning a mini break, or UK getaway, it’s vital to find a holiday destination that is worthy of their attention.

A location that offers it all. The full package. Where the promise of adventure is motivation enough to encourage them to abandon all electronics – at least for a short while.

Impossible, you say? Well, here’s a place where you can whisk away your little ones for the perfect family holiday; complete with magical memory making, must-see local attractions, and a plethora of non-electronic exploits to undertake.

The Park, Teddington

In leafy South West London, in the beautiful borough of Richmond upon Thames, stands the very grand (but very family friendly) Park, Teddington. With 44 bedrooms, ranging from the comfy & classic, to the fine & fancy, the Park covers all bases when it comes to budget.

Plump for one of their recently renovated family bedrooms in the Lodge building, and you’ll all find yourself very comfortable indeed.

Pete, the manager is a family man, and has four children himself. He understands how important it is to make sure everybody is happy & comfortable.

So, you’ve checked-in and chilled-out. What’s next? Adventure, of course!

The Park is just over a mile from Hampton Court Palace. If your children can make the walk, why not mooch through the gorgeous Bushy Park? There’s plenty for the kids to do on their travels – spy on the majestic deer, climb chestnut trees, and turn sticks into swords for an epic battle.

Getting there is half the fun.

Once you’re at the palace, you’re spoilt for choice for things to do with the kids. There’re all the juicy historic details about Henry VIII – older kids will take gruesome pleasure in the macabre details (though they might still need to hold your hand when you pass through the haunted gallery.)

There are also 60 acres of grounds to stretch your legs in. Goggle at the fountains, point & laugh at the naked statues, sniff all the flowers, and navigate the world-famous maze. The Magic Garden provides plenty by way of mythical beasts, equipment to clamber over, and battlements to storm.

Holiday mealtimes can be occasions with a dress code.

Washing up before dinner. Children finally getting chance to wear the lovely things their grandparents bought, before they swiftly grow out of them. Alternatively, you come as you are; tired & happy, with the day’s dirt under their fingernails.

Testing out those table manners, reading the menu aloud – sounding out the phonics (if you know, you know)

Colouring books & crayons for them, a bottle of chilled Côtes de Provence rosé for you. Bountiful sharing plates for the table, time spent selecting new foods to try – sometimes successfully, sometimes not – but always an experience.

Making memories.

And so, to bed. Full up, happily sleepy, and ready for big dreams of Kings & Queens.

Built-in bunkbeds beguile the children, and invite them to climb in for their bedtime story – best bunny by their side.

Having everybody cosy & safe together in one room is a weight off your mind – and isn’t it a relief not to have to wrangle with a squeaky old pull-out sofa bed?

The Hypnos beds and neutral Scandi style decor (plus the generously stocked mini-bar) make for a relaxed night all round – and not a screen in sight. Sleep tight.


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