22nd September 2019

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New beers on the block

22nd September 2019

This September we rolled out the barrels and pulled out all the hops, welcoming not one but two brand new beers to our Young’s ramily

Taking London head on, this perfect pair of pint sized heroes have been delighting drinkers across the country. But of course you don’t have to take our word for it, keep your eyes peeled for them in your local Young’s as they make their way to a bar near you. 

In the meantime, we all know beauty is in the eye of the beerholder so we’ve put together some tasting notes below to tantalize your taste buds and prime your palate in anticipation. 

Cityscape: Golden Beer, 4.2%

We have to say we’re really hoppy with Cityscape, a contemporary golden ale with a twist, it’s a great session beer packed full of character. Made with the best pale ale malt, Young’s yeast (yes we have our own yeast!) and new world cascade and mosaic hops, and it doesn’t stop there! A biscuity malt sweetness is balanced out by the dry hopped addition of the new world hops gives it a complex pine and citrus aroma, ending with a slightly bitter grapefruit finish.



Head On: Indian Pale Lager, 4.2%

Packing a punch, Head On Indian Pale Lager is leading the pack. The perfect combination of a crisp, refreshing lager, packed with new world hops and a tropical fruit aroma. 

How do you make an IPL?  

We can’t give you the recipe, that’s safely locked away in the vaults of Young’s HQ but what we can tell you is we’ve combined a craft lager with a craft ale and created a craft sensation! Made with lager malt and lager yeast and then rammed full of new world hops to give it a refreshing tropical fruit finish, it’s certainly not for the sheepish! 



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