25th September 2019

#Food & Drink

British Food Fortnight

25th September 2019

Food blogger Sisley White explores the best of British of British Food Fortnight. A lover of creating recipes and visiting local restaurants, her blog is a feast for the eyes with beautiful photographs of stunning dishes. Sisley has been writing about food and blogging for 8 years writing on her own website www.sewwhite.com and for publications world wide. She lives by the motto ‘Eat, Drink and Be Merry’. Celebrating food and drink and enjoying all the moments she can. 

There are some who might say that British Food isn’t the most exciting when compared to the flavours and tastes from around the world. However in my opinion, Britain can stand its ground on the best plates of world food. British Food Fortnight is the best way to showcase what British food has to offer.

I would suggest that the place to enjoy the best of British is in a proper pub. Young’s have a great heritage of producing incredible dishes with a focus on seasonal British food.

An iconic dish of Britain since the 1800s, fish and chips was instantly popular and has been almost unchanged since its conception. Taking fresh fish, covering it in batter and deep fat frying it is still how it is cooked today. Now with new ingredients available from around the world twists to the classic recipes are emerging. A favourite being to add beer in to the batter. It’s a delightful and delicious way to add extra flavour, resulting in a soft fish in a crispy batter shell, that is served with fluffy chips.

Still as popular as ever, the roast dinner is the pinnacle of weekend dining for so many families. It celebrates the end of a long week, a happy start for the next one and is a great excuse to sit around the table with your family and friends. There has been a huge rise in recent years in the popularity if a proper roast dinner. A want for a warming, filling and really good roast dinner that is the perfect way to bring people together. The hardest choice is choosing which roast you want.

Sandwiches –  simple idea that revolutionised the way meals are served. And it’s not only the myriad of possibilities of fillings to choose from, but the different types of breads as well. The club sandwich is always a favourite of mine but there are many more delicious options, such as the salt beef sandwich, cheddar and ale chutney sandwich and a British favourite – the fish finger sandwich!

Afternoon Tea was a Georgian invention to act as a pick me up and stave off hunger between lunch and a late dinner. What started as a pot of tea and a light snack has been become a special occasion with tasty treats. Comprising of finger size sandwiches, dainty and delicious cakes and of course a good sized teapot of tea. Since there are so many things you can include the possibilities are endless. There are more and more themed and interesting versions of Afternoon Tea being created so all the more to try.




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