Seasonal food

Autumn is a great season, surely one of the most fascinating and nostalgic.

Everything changes: habits, timings, flavours, cooking techniques and colours. Instant summary flavours will slowly disappear. Cooking will change into layering flavours.

You will no longer hold your favourite stew recipe in the back of your mind. You will stop saying “it’s too hot for it”.

Ptarmigans, snipes, and black grouse will start appearing on our menus. Our Chefs are getting exciting and passionate about a light and lean venison carpaccio, the rich flavour of a stuffed roasted partridge or a delicate rabbit and oyster mushroom pies.

Autumn is pumpkins, plums, and pears. Autumn is blackberries and apples. Autumn is Game season.

Here are some examples of recipes using some of the best seasonal ingredients through the months of October and November…


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