7th December 2020


5 ways to beat the freeze this December

7th December 2020

With rumours rife that Britain could be facing the coldest December in a decade and the Met Office giving more yellow warnings than Euro’s semi final we’ve put together our 5 tips for staying toasty (at the pub) this December.



We all know there’s nothing better than a festive hot drink in December and whatever your tipple we’ve got something for everyone (providing you’re having a substantial meal of course!) From boozy hot chocolates to hot spiced Hayman’s gin and the traditional mulled wine, warm up and wrap up at your local this December and let the festivities be-gin.



With a predicted weather front this December that will be giving Mr Frosty a run for his money it’s all about the layers if you want to stay warm this winter. The key to great layering? Snuggest fit at the bottom and looser garments on top! 




Find your pub garden


Ok so maybe less of a suggestion and more of a requirement at the moment, but believe it or not eating can actually help warm you up, the term for this is called thermogenesis, which is basically your body producing heat by food metabolizing.  Foods high in protein and carbohydrates are a great option, which gives you the perfect excuse to order that turkey and pistachio Scotch egg  or pigs in blankets sausage roll you’ve had your eyes on all week. 



We’ve been giving our gardens a bit of a glow up. From stretch tents, to extra heaters,  blankets and hot water bottles, al fresco winter dining has never been so aimable, but if you want to be sure to get your favourite cabin right next to the heater it’s wise to make sure book.


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Now we’re not suggesting you pitch up camp under the table but if you really don’t fancy that long walk home you could always take advantage of one our boutique hotel rooms and we’ll even provide breakfast in the morning!


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