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Summer has finally arrived. Long nights and occasional bursts of sunshine call for a good pub garden in which to while away the hours. And you're in luck, we've got plenty! To go with the juicy burgers straight from the grill we're tucking into, we're cracking open the cans of locally made craft beers, sharing bottles of cold, crisp white wine and sipping on freshly made, small-batch rum cocktails. As well as more sport this summer than even Clare Balding can handle, our pubs are putting on hundreds of events from make-your-own rum sessions to cocktail masterclasses. We'll see you at the bar!

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Rum Baby Rum

There are few drinks more evocative of sunny days than rum. The sweet-tasting spirit imbues a tropical character and lasting warmth on the palate that can brighten even the dampest of days.

During this particularly British summer, this is a characteristic that is much in demand.


Jul 27 th

Cheese & Wine Pairing Evening @ Richard the First

Wednesday @ 7pm to 9pm

Curious about cheese? Aspiring oenologist? Join us for a sophisticated evening of cheese and wine, the oldest and most famous marriage since gastronomy began!

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Jul 30 th

Ketel One Brunch @ Dial Arch

Saturday @ 11am to 1pm

Join us for Saturday brunch, where you'll be invited to explore the depths of the Bloody Mary from a Ketel One Ambassador. 

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Jul 31 st

Sailor Jerry's Skittle Alley @ The Wood House Dulwich

Sunday @ 5pm to 8pm

Join us for complimentary sampling followed by a game of skittles! 

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Aug 4 th

Meet the Brewers, Beer & Food Matching event @ Dial Arch

Thursday @ 7pm to 9pm

Join us for a unique night of fantastic beers and snacks to match. The wonderful Andy Thorburn, brewer from Charles Wells Brewery will be here for an exclusive meet and beer matching event. 

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