1st November 2022

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Sprout of this world, Brussels for Christmas Day

1st November 2022

Whether you love them or hate them there’s one thing we can promise you this Christmas, Brussel sprouts are here to stay!  So before we share our favourite recipe here’s a few festive facts to inspire you in the kitchen this Christmas.

Did you know?

1. Sprouts contain more vitamin C than you’d find in an orange. Orange you glad we told you that!

 2. Approximately 750 million individual Brussels sprouts are sold at Christmas time. 

3. Believe it or not there are over 9000 ways to enjoy sprouts,  so we caught up with our Exec Chefs, to find out their favorite recipe below.


1.5kg Brussel spouts trimmed and scored

300 g of smoked bacon lardons

300g peeled chestnuts

10 g peeled garlic

75 g butter

Salt and pepper

In boiling salted water blanch off the sprouts til they are just turning tender, place straight into iced water so the sprouts keep their colour once cool drain and cut in half

In a frying pan heat half the butter and add the bacon and cook until just starting to crisp up.

Then add the halved chestnuts into the pan along with the chopped garlic, toss altogether once mixed,  throw in the sprout halves and the rest of the butter, season up and serve once hot

For an extra festive finish add some shaved berkswell cheese or hard cheese of your choice.


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