3rd October 2017

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Retreat to the pub this winter

3rd October 2017

From late-night city boltholes to sprawling neighbourhood centrepieces, a good British pub in wintertime is a tribute to complete comfort. After all, what is a pub, if not for comfort? The sturdy chairs and vast couches, the well-worn tables and soft yellow light. In winter, the inside of a pub might just be one of the most welcome sights in the world. It should make you want to hunker down and stay a while. The Danes have a clever word for that sort of thing: hygge. A place that gives you a sensation of inner peace and warm fuzziness. Somewhere to escape to.

To help you escape this Winter we are kicking off the New Year with our Winter Retreat menu. We hope to tempt you out of the house and into the pub and leave both the indulgers and the abstainers amongst you feeling content and satisfied.

Be it with a bottle of red, chunky beef stew and sticky toffee pudding – all the naughty things or nourishing vegan choices such as charred cauliflower steak, butternut squash puree and savoury pistachio crumble.

For us, a health-kick is not about abstinence or deprivation – the pub should never be off limits, no matter how pious your regimen. Pubs stopped being only about booze years ago, if they ever really were.

In reality, the pub is all about living well. Pubs are a place to embrace your family and friends: Sunday lunch with the children and grandparents, a night out with the mate you haven’t seen in months. They’re a place to eat well, whether you’re looking for something vegan green and crisp or rich and hearty. They’re a place to sample something different – a new year, a new you.

We’ve spent many years building pubs where everyone is welcome. Cushions, crackling fires and cracking food. All we ask of you is to decide what makes you feel good. If you need the colour put back into your cheeks, come see us for a snifter of whisky. If you’re feeling virtuous, come in and try a dish made from the fresh produce on our Winter Retreat menu.

Whether living well is a quiet half pint and a bowl of soup at lunchtime or a gathering-together of friends where the flow of wine is matched in its eagerness only by the flow of conversation, there’s a place in the pub for you. It may mean a medley of health and indulgence flexing throughout the week, from a healthier meat-free dish on a Monday to an indulgent brunch on Saturday. What we can promise is our pubs will be the ideal spots to retreat to this Winter. Come see us, bring the people you love and be well, whichever way you do it.


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