4th October 2021

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Our Ultimate Christmas Pudding Recipe

4th October 2021

With over 15 years of creating the perfect Christmas dinners, we caught up with Exec Chef, Wayne Pike to find out his top tips for this year’s festive offerings, starting with the all time British classic, the Christmas pudding.

Whilst we find it hard to imagine a life without Christmas pudding, we have it on good authority that it hasn’t always been such a merry affair.

This stodgy, spiced, suet sweet was one barred from appearing on UK dinner plates by 17th century statesman Thomas Cromwell, who believed the festive season was for fasting and outlawed all feasting.

We’re certain we won’t see the Christmas pudding vanquished anytime soon, but there’s certainly no point in hanging around. Time to find out how to make this year’s perfect Christmas pudding.

The night before

?Soak the dried fruit overnight in 150ml of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout 

On the day of making

? Combine the suet, breadcrumbs, flour, sugar, fruit and spices in a bowl and mix well.

?Add the remaining recipe ingredients and mix well until fully combined.

?Butter the Christmas pudding bowl and fill with the mixture, then cover with baking paper.

?Place the pudding bowl into a large pan and pour boiling water into the pan until it reaches halfway up the bowl. Cover with a lid

?Steam the pudding mix for four hours, (more than enough time to watch Home Alone, or read up on next weekend’s recipe,  just make sure the pan doesn’t boil dry!)

?Leave to cool, then cover with fresh baking paper and wrap tightly in clingfilm.

?Store in a cool dark place for 7 weeks. Feed with 30ml of Young’s Double Chocolate stout or brandy every 2 weeks for that beautifully boozy taste.


Puddings away!

? Steam for a further 2 hours before serving.

?What should you serve your Christmas pudding with?  You can’t go wrong with traditional brandy butter or lashings of custard, alternatively brandy ice cream also makes a welcome alternative. 


We would love to see your culinary creations so don’t forget to post your puddings and tag @youngspubs.  Of course if recipes aren’t your forté and the thought of getting fancy in the kitchen is making you tremble in fear, you can always avoid making your own Christmas pudding and join us at one of our pubs and hotels across London and the South of England and let us do the hard work for you. Click below to find your closest pub.


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