Our Spring Palette

Dust off those cobwebs and bid the winter blues goodbye. Our larder is packed with colourful produce and the bar is ready for spring. Fruity wines, botanical gins and plates of vibrant food are waiting for you. Pull up a chair and remember to smell the flowers on your way in.

Saint Patrick will bring some emerald cheer on March 17th  which also meets the finale of the big Six Nations tournament! And what would Saint Patrick’s Day be without a pint of Guinness? England are playing Ireland that day, so we’ll be serving some hearty fare to prepare you. It’s the last hurrah for comfort food, before we turn to something lighter going into spring.



It’s the season for gin and tonic and we’ll be showcasing an array of botanical offerings throughout spring. Despite its reputation, we think gin’s a rather cheerful drink. With so many splashes of colour – a strawberry in your glass of Millers, Tanqueray’s Seville Orange, a stick of cucumber in your Hendricks – you’d be hard-pressed to find something more joyful.

Our new Spring menu launches this week alongside our fantastic new wine menu. Coral-coloured langoustines, sea-green samphire and fiery blood oranges – at this time of year, nature rebels against the bleaker months with all the colours of the rainbow. Cherry blossom is sprouting and the smell of leaves, herbs and vegetables will fill our kitchens. Pick a day of sunshine and come see us for something refreshing, perhaps a tipple or two!