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To fully entwine the wonder of Hygge here at Young’s, we faithfully promise to embrace the following principles to allow for a happy, warm and content experience for all of our customers.

Our Hygge principles, which we all live by here, can easily be shared in your own home; the values are simple and easy to follow – just read on.  

We promise a laid back, home-from-home atmosphere where you can truly relax. Lighting will be soft and low and our space set out with comfort and togetherness in mind. With food platters to share and a great selection of drinks, we hope you’ll unwind with friends and enjoy your time with us.

We aim to be an antidote to today’s digitally-dominated lifestyles and encourage you to relish your time spent with us by connecting, conversing and laughing with one another. There’s a simple pleasure in coming together like this. We encourage you to switch off and enjoy being present in the moment. We promise this is a joy that will soon become addictive and a value that you will take into your own home.

We shall flood your senses with the tastes, flavours and aromas of delicious food and drink.  With hearty comfort food and classic favourite dishes on offer, you’ll soon be immersed in the simple but satisfying pleasure that is wholesome, fresh food and wine and beer. Savour each mouthful and each moment as you share plates with friends.

Our home is your home and we’ve designed it with pure comfort in mind. We want you to relax, de-stress and stay a while, so we will embrace you with cushions and blankets to keep you cosy. If pubs could give hugs, this is what they’d feel like.

Life is better together and we hope you’ll leave with your heart warmed by the good old fashioned art of conversation. If you arrive alone or are feeling a little blue, we’ll welcome you like one of the family at the bar. We encourage you to make memories, relive old ones, tell stories and come together with friends old and new. We truly believe there’s nothing better.

No drama, no stress — no matter how bad your day has been we are here with open arms to help make life better. Leave your woes on our doorstep, come in and be rejuvenated by good food, drinks, conversation. We promise that these precious moments of comfort will help give you the strength to face the real world again.

Cherish the simple things and be thankful for good food, good friends, good wine and beer — all present here in our home from home. We’re grateful you’ve chosen to spend your time with us and hope you’ll enjoy all the small details created with your comfort and happiness in mind.

Young’s will always be your home from home. With us you will find friends to laugh, eat and drink with as well as a family that always has your comfort and well-being close to heart. We’re here for you, whether you want shelter from the fast pace of modern life or the perfect spot to get together and celebrate.

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