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To celebrate our 185th birthday, we've worked with Camden Town Brewery to create a pretty exhaustive list of reasons to love your pub. By some wholly unforseeable coincidence, the number of reasons came to exactly 185. How fortuitous.

Take a look at the list below. If you think we've missed any, let us know on social media with #185YearsYoungs and we will pick our favourite suggestion to win a night-out for you and a bunch of friends in one of our pubs for the total cost of nothing at all.

Here goes... 

1 Pub cricket teams

2  Anything served with Piccalilli

3  Pubs you can take your granny to

4  Thanking our lucky stars that pubs no longer close in the afternoon

5  Getting your favourite table

6  Soup of the day

7  ‘Wetting the baby’s head’

8  Leftover roasties from Sunday lunch on the bar for snacking

9  Pubs with a ‘Wall of Fame’

10  Remembering all your friends’ drink orders expertly

11  Pub friends that you make for just one night

12  Fireplaces

13  “It’s your round, isn’t it?”

14  Going for a pint on Christmas Day when the turkey’s in the oven

15  Pub dogs sitting under the tables

16  Spotting a pub that looks good and detouring so you can go in

17  Watching the rugby

18  Pubs with things hanging from the ceiling

19  The Ploughman’s Lunch

20  Learning that someone you just met loves the same pubs as you

21  People-watching couples on first dates

22  Lager

23  Pubs named after boats e.g. The Cutty Sark, Greenwich

24  The warm feeling of helpfulness when you take your own empties back to the bar

25 The 'three pints in hand walk to the table' fiasco

26  Foamy beer moustaches

27  Celebrity regulars. We won’t name any, because that would be telling.

28  Slowly moving in on a group as you see them leaving their table

29  The feeling when a try is scored and everyone stands up and cheers


30  Ordering the Chef’s Roast, with all the trimmings

31  Stout

32  Open fires in winter

33  Knowing the exact walking time it takes to get to your local

34  Having abbreviated nicknames for each pub in your friendship group

35  The Locals. Most of them, anyway

36  Having a well-earned drink after Christmas shopping

37  Mirrored back bars

38  Tip jar jokes and riddles

39  The six London tube stations named after pubs

40  Watching the football

41  Quiz nights

42  Airport beers, no matter what time it is 
e.g. Heathrow’s Three Bells or the Five Tuns

43  Playing darts (badly) 

44  Pubs with ghosts e.g. The Morpeth Arms, Pimlico

45  Getting to a country pub at the end of a long walk and realising it’s a really good one

46  Fictional pubs that feel real

47  Battle cruiser (cockney rhyming slang for ‘boozer’)

48  Having a ‘do’ in the function room

49  Still making room for pudding after Sunday lunch

50  Changing the barrel 

51  Live music, particularly when it’s not your taste but you really enjoy it

52  Anything and everything beer battered 

53  Pubs with tiled frontage e.g. The Alma, Wandsworth

54  Revolving the whole weekend around the Sunday roast

55 Just catching last orders

56 Having Cenosillicaphobia (hear of an empty glass) 

57 Spending New Year’s Eve in your local

58  Ordering ‘the usual’

59  Nodding towards who was waiting longest when ordering at the bar

60  The famous pub dog (like Max the Bernese Mountain dog at the Windmill, Clapham)

61  A pint after work

62  Going for a pint in your local as soon as you get back from holiday

63  “A man walks into a bar” jokes

64 Sausage rolls

65 Hanging baskets e.g. The Buckingham Arms, Westminster

66 Having a fantasy ‘ideal pub’. Even George Orwell had one

67 Scotch eggs

68 The etiquette of tearing open a pack of crisps so everyone can reach them

69 When the bar staff notice that you aren’t having your ‘usual’

70 Landladies

71 Finding love (20% of you met your partner in the pub)

72 Banter. The word is a bit overused now, but the real thing originated in pubs, surely?

73 Pubs with pictures of the regulars on the walls

74 Sing-alongs

75 The "we should do this more often" catch-up

76 Getting your first job in your local

77 Visiting pubs you used to work in

78 Pubs with the UK’s most popular pub name e.g. The Red Lion, Radlett

79 Having a ‘work local’

80 Last order bells

81 The myths of the famous people that used to drink there

82 The first pint from a fresh keg

83 Sitting at the bar

84 The first time you go to the pub with colleagues from a new job

85 Checking out the local pubs before you move house

86 Bumping into people from your local in a bar on holiday

87 Making plans on the back of a beer mat

88 Buying your first legal drink

89 The snug e.g. The Lamb, Lamb’s Conduit Street

90 Kids’ menus so good that you secretly want to order from them

91 Fish and chips (with or without mushy peas)

92 Dads who claim they used to drink in every pub you ever mention

93 Chatting with local characters

94 Sticky toffee pudding

95 Respecting the neighbours and leaving quietly

96 ‘Early doors’

97 Visiting your old local in an area you don’t live in anymore

98 Open mic nights

99 Getting the first round in

100 Pubs with one-of-a-kind names e.g. The Lass O’ Richmond Hill, Richmond

101 Getting a table

102 Finding a picture of the Queen Mother on the wall

103 Reminiscing about that one time you won the pub quiz

104 The fact that pub is short for ‘Public House’

105 Knowing you’re allowed to bring your dog in

106 Beer mat collections

107 Being on first name terms with the bar staff

108 Peanuts

109 Pulling pints

110 Low ceilings

111 Going into a really busy pub and knowing your mates are already there with a table

112 Mother and baby groups

113 Doing the crossword

114 Bartenders remembering what you ordered last time


116 Playing scrabble

117 The pint

118 The ‘Fat chips vs Skinny fries’ debate

119 The half pint

120 Continuing a lifelong search for the perfect pub

121 Being bought lemonade in pubs as a kid

122 Using the foot rail

123 Taking your friends, parents, grandparents and children to the same pub

124 Boot scrapers outside country pubs

125 The ‘glass ketchup bottle and knife’ trick

126 Jukeboxes

127 The phrase “Down the pub”

128 Going into the pub to ‘shelter from the rain’

129 Putting a beer mat on top of your pint when you leave the table

130 A-Board quotes dubiously attributed to Winston Churchill

131 Finding a room you didn’t know about in a pub you go to a lot

132 Long lunches that last until closing time

133 Creaky floorboards

134 “Same again?”

135 Having your wedding reception in your favourite pub then going back to drink there

136 Putting a quid down for the pool table

137 Lager tops. Love them or hate them, it’s good they exist.

138 The Dray Horses that used to deliver beer to pubs (look them up)

139 Casks

140 Standing at the bar in a way that makes it clear you are waiting to be served

141 Pub gardens, of any shape, size or temperature

142 Betting your pal a pint that they’re wrong

143 Landlords

144 The steep and narrow climb up the stairs e.g. The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

145 Flipping beer mats. The record for most flipped is 112, held by a Mr Mat Hand

146 The first pint of the year outside in a sunny pub garden

147 Saying “let’s meet at the pub” and knowing your friends know which pub you mean

148 Pictorial pub signs e.g. The Bull & Gate in Kentish Town

149 Having a taste of beers before buying them

150 Pale Ale

151 Saying you're "only staying for one" then staying all night

152  Kegs

153  Suggestive pub names, e.g. Dirty Dick’s, the City of London

154  “Excuse me, is someone using this seat?”

155  Putting a beer mat under a wobbly table leg

156  Perpendicular drinking (the English tradition of drinking standing up)

157  Getting chatted up

158  Finally having a drink in a pub you’ve been meaning to visit for ages

159  Securing a table by the river on a sunny day e.g. The Ship, Wandsworth

160 Making someone else's portion of chips 'communal' by eating all of them 

161 Decorative books. Who reads them? We hope someone does

162 Discovering hidden rooms e.g. The Tin Belly room at the Clarence, Whitehall

163 Burgers e.g. The Burger Shack & Bar, Wimbledon

164 Conversations with strangers

165 Pubs for all seasons

166 Sipping your friend’s beer at the bar so as not to spill it

167 Toad in the hole
168 All day breakfasts on weekends

169 Breweriana, the name for collectable pub or beer memorabilia

170 Pubs named after Royals e.g. The Prince Albert, Battersea

171 Pubs with pies e.g. The Windmill, Mayfair

172 Theatre pubs e.g. King’s Head Theatre, Islington

173 Pubs you can stay the night in e.g. The Bear, Esher. Why ever leave?

174 Barrels

175 Pork Pies

176 Pubs in old markets e.g. Old Tom’s Bar, Leadenhall Market

177 Singing Christmas carols in the pub

178 Bar towels

179 Pubs with ‘snob screens’ e.g. The Prince Alfred, Maida Vale

180 Joining someone else’s table when it’s busy and there’s nowhere to sit

181 “And one for yourself” by way of tipping

182 Pub football teams with beer pun based names, e.g. ‘Real Ale Madrid’

183 Peeling off the bottle labels

184 Watching the cricket

185 “Time at the bar, ladies and gentlemen”

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