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The wheel, sliced bread, David Bowie, maple-flavoured bacon — some of mankind's indomitable career highlights. At Young's, we'd argue that brunch deserves a place among those hallowed creations as well.

It's fair to say that up until about 15 years ago the state of morning eating in Britain didn't have the best reputation. It typically consisted of either fishing around a milky bowl for any remaining solid lumps of Weetabix, consuming a week's worth of calories in a single, sat-fat-filled English Breakfast or acrobatically chowing down an overripe banana whilst trying not to topple into the elderly women in front of you and simultaneously emailing your boss with today's unique spin on "Britain's train companies are entirely useless and I will be 20 minutes late again". 

Then along came those Sex and the City girls and, with them, the revolutionary idea of a leisurely, indulgent breakfast. Suddenly, having your first drink of the day while still wiping sleep from your eyes became classy. A cooked breakfast didn't have to include an acid-reflux-inducing quantity of brown sauce. We discovered the true nectar of the gods: Hollandaise sauce. Truly, these were heady times.

In the intervening time, brunch has entered into the British psyche and is now a staple of social occasions. Congregating in a pub or bar with crease lines still visible on your face, ordering a round of life-giving Bloody Marys and spending the next couple of hours catching up with friends is surely one of life's greatest pleasures.

This month, Young's pubs are going full tilt on all things brunch and we're kicking off with a round of special brunches in partnership Absolut Vodka, where brunchees can take part in some exclusive activities. Take a peek...

Cocktail Gardening Brunch - 26th May
The Prince Albert, SW11 4PF,
With guidance from Lottie Muir, aka The Cocktail Gardener, learn how to build beautiful, botanical cocktails with ingredients, both common and bizarre, plucked straight from the in-house potted garden. Accompanied by tasty dishes, such as eggs benedict with Cumbrian ham or smashed avocado on toast, from 1.30pm–3.30pm, you’ll leave with enviable knowledge to impress your friends. 

Modern Pop Art and Brunch – 30th May
The Trafalgar Arms, SW17 0RT,
Forget Campell’s Soup, indulge in delicious dishes including smoked salmon rosti, crème fraiche and dill or Oxspring ham, chilli & parsley eggs as well as specially created cocktails including the Breakfast Martini and learn how to make your very own modern art masterpiece.

Banksy Brunch - 3rd June
The Duke of Wellington, W11 2ED,
Spray cans at the ready: snack on a delicious brunch menu, such as waffles, smoked bacon, maple syrup or baked pancake Arnold Bennettand tasty cocktails like the Absolut Bloody Mary then learning how to paint in the style of the illusive street artist. Running from 1pm–4pm.

Juicing Brunch - 4th June
The Hollywood Arms, SW10 9HX,
Make up for your tipsy indulgences with a course in creating the perfect fresh juice, just in time for summer. Paired with a delicious brunch dish — because being completely good is no fun! Absolut’s brand ambassador will help you create a juicy ‘retox’ cocktail to set you up for a perfect Saturday.

Bunch of Flowers Brunch - 22nd June
The Brook Green, W6 7PB,
Green fingers are a-go-go with this chance to give your creative side a flourish with the art of flower arranging. Impress friends and family with beautiful blooms with the added bonus of an afternoon of food, including French toast, smashed bananas & Elderflower yoghurt or Young’s IPA rarebit & slow roasted tomato and two classic Absolut brunch cocktails. 

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